Court hears what tattoos of suspected Satanist signify

The alleged Satanist dubbed "Goggaman" has admitted to being "possessed by demons", his trial has heard.

"I got goosebumps when I looked him in the eye when we met," Superintendent RiƩtta Everton told the Pretoria High Court yesterday.

Robbie Classen (38) is facing 10 charges, including rape, indecent assault and abduction.

The state alleges he committed satanic and sadistic rituals on three small siblings - a girl aged 7 at the time and her 9- and 11-year-old brothers.

Classen - who has pleaded not guilty - allegedly sodomised the boys, made the children eat insects, and even injected one of the boys with his own blood.

Everton, an expert in occult-related crimes, said she met Classen after his arrest in 2001.

He displayed his tattoos to her and told her that he had a rose tattoo to express his love for his mother.

Explaining a tattooed poem on his ankle, Classen told Everton: "I project the demons from my inner soul through my arms and fists towards my victims."

She said Classen explained that the "demons" were particularly active when he was "cross with an opponent" - anyone on the other side of his fist.

She said his body was a mass of occult tattoos, including one on his penis. She had known it was there because the children had told her about it before she met Classen.

She said the children were familiar with occult symbols and said they also managed astral projections, where "their spirits left their bodies".

"This can only be achieved if someone showed you how to do it," Everton said.