Eglise Raelienne Canadienne - 'No' to media harassment

The Canadian Raelian Religion protests

with indignation against the incitement-to-hatred campaign that was recently launched by several media against Canadian Raelians and their religion. These articles obviously reflect an invasion of Raelians' right to privacy with a strong desire to try to have them lose their jobs SOLELY ON THE BASIS OF THEIR RELIGION. In fact, these articles are very reminiscent of the pervasive hatred of pre-Nazi Germany against the Jews.

They are contrary to the fundamental liberties guaranteed by Canadian laws, the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Liberties. Moreover, by publishing a series of articles instead of just one, they are unequivocally showing their desire to maliciously hurt the Raelian Religion as well as the dignity and the right to privacy of the members themselves.

It is a serious incitement-to-hatred and discrimination campaign. The illegal aspect of these articles is obvious and we will prove that there was lack of respect for the dignity of Raelians, for their right to privacy and for their religious rights, which are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Law.

There are laws in Canada and if an organization of any kind, even religious, were to commit an illegal act it would be taken to court in no time. Unfortunately, there seems to be a double standard.

Therefore, no media has the right to attack the reputation of a religious minority by creating a sort of parallel popular justice reminiscent of past Stalinist dictatorships where everything that has to do with religious beliefs and rites are ridiculed, condemned and have nothing positive.

In doing so, these media do not respect Canadian laws and the Constitution, and we will do all we can to make sure they are judged to the fullest extent of the law so that it serves as an example to other media who would be tempted to follow this path in the future. Religious freedom exists in Canada and it includes respect for the dignity and the right to privacy of all its members, whether they are Catholics, Jews, Muslims or Raelians.

All Canadian citizens have the privilege to freely choose their religion and, at the same time, the guarantee that their dignity and right to privacy are respected. In addition to the lawsuit that will be filed, Raelians will organize a protest in front of the media that lacked respect for them, but that the law guarantees.