Cloning cult leader wants body preserved by von Hagens

The leader of the sect which claims to have cloned a human baby wants to have his "current" body preserved by German plastination doctor Guenther von Hagens.

Rael, the 56-year-old leader of the Raelian sect, whose real name is Claude Vorilhon, told German paper Frankfurter Allgemeine he had written to von Hagens to make his request.

He said: "I admire this German doctor who carries out plastination. I have written in my will that I want to be plastinated by him after my death.

"Then I will be able to see my old body in a museum and live on in another body as a clone."

The Raelians, who believe that aliens will come to Earth by 2025 at the latest, promote cloning as a chance for "eternal life" and its scientists are lobbying the US government to reverse its position on human cloning.

Von Hagens welcomed the request from the sect leader, saying: "The donation of his body is very welcome - it makes the use of the body after death more popular."