Raelian religion centre vandalized

MARICOURT, Que. (CP) -- An information centre known as UFO land, which is run by the Raelian religion, was vandalized Thursday, with damage totalling more than $100,000.

The centre's security gate was knocked down by a pickup truck, while a white building, community centre and camper trailers were damaged by the truck.

Police were questioning a man about the incident, which happened in this community near Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships.

The Raelian Church of Canada is an officially recognized religion in Quebec. The Swiss-based, hedonistic movement is based on the concept that extraterrestrials created humanity as part of a lab experiment.

Raelians have made headlines in recent years for their involvement in the human-cloning debate. The group claims to have several female members ready to carry cloned embryos.

The Raelians recently targeted high schools in Quebec as part of its ongoing campaign to have Roman Catholics renounce their faith.