Catholics in Belarus Arrested in Religious-Liberty Protest

Two lay Catholics face massive fines after being detained for protesting a new law that restricts freedom of religion, Keston News reports.

Igor Zakrevsky and Sergei Peskin face trial after protesting in the center of this capital.

"We wrote to Parliament protesting against the law and collected petitions, but that didn't help, so we decided to take to the streets to express our opposition," Zakrevsky said.

The two carried placards displaying slogans such as "The authorities want to control our souls." They walked around the central streets, then stood by the statue of Lenin opposite the Parliament building, where they were detained.

Cardinal Kazimierz Swiatek has spoken out against the new law. He pointed out that, although Catholics are not the main targets of the statute, "many groups, especially Protestants, will be harder hit, as they are not so well established."