Two deported from Iran for practicing Baha’i faith

Two foreigners were deported from Iran for practicing the Baha’i faith according to an Iranian official.

“These individuals, one a European and the other a Latin American, travelled to and from Iran over the past five years posing as traders and tourists, secretly attracting youths to their sect through economic activities”, the official said.

He claimed that the group was based in London and that the two individuals were attempting to covertly run a branch of their religion in Iran, appealing to youths to change their religion.

Iran’s government doesn’t tolerate activism among religious minorities and the clerical state systematically persecutes anyone who practices “illegal faiths”.

Iranian law has sanctioned the use of the death penalty for any Iranian who is caught attempting to convert Muslims to other religions.

There are over 400,000 Baha’is in Iran who have been suffering from government persecution.