Third Religious Dialogue With World Council of Churches Seminar Ends

TEHRAN -- The third Religious Dialogue with the World Council of Churches Seminar ended on Thursday night. The Participants emphasized the need for cooperation to counter the effects of globalization on religion.

According to reports released at the end of the two-day seminar in which the subjects of religions and globalization were discussed, Muslim and Christian scholars stated their determination to continue dialogue in order to create better understanding between Islam and Christianity.

The Participants also said that differences in religious beliefs should not create discord among people who believe in God. Globalization was the main subject of discussion and was referred to as the best field of cooperation between scholars of all divine religions.

The chairman of the World Council of Churches said that one of the most significant issues that should be seriously considered and discussed is the effect of globalization on religion.

Addressing Muslim scholars attending the seminar, he said that we should cooperate and respect all cultural and moral values.

The deputy chairman of the Islamic Culture and Communications Organization in charge of research affairs, Seyed Abbas Nabavi, said at the end of the seminar that the current dialogue would be a strong foundation for further cooperation between followers of divine religions.

He added that there are shared concepts and values among divine religions that can unite us, saying that everyone in the world knows that if religious tenets are followed and if divine laws are observed there would be no problems or war.