Hindu community in S Africa protest use of deities on a dress

The Hindu community in South Africa is up in arms over the use of deities on a dress worn by a model during a fashion show recently.

"The imprints on the outfit were reflections of the divine and the manner in which this was done was nothing more than blasphemous", said Dorasamy Moodley, secretary of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha.

The offending outfit, which was named the "Marilyn Wrap", was made up of a red halter-neck top, adorned with badges of Hindu deities, worn with a white and red Indian- style skirt and pants.

"While the Sabha is mindful of the dynamism in modern dressing and stylish garments, it would be wise for designers to refrain from desecrating any deity of any religious grouping," Moodley said.

The designer of the outfit, Colleen Eitzen, said in response that she did not mean to offend anyone.

"I designed the outfit with the intention of expressing all that is familiar in Durban. I would never do anything to compromise anyone's religion. I did not mean to insult or upset anyone," she said.