Moroccan minister outlines bold religious communication approach

Moroccan minister of Habous and Islamic affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, outlined a bold communication approach on religious issues and said radio and TV programs will deal even with "embarrassing issues."

The official told the Moroccan TV channel such an approach is necessary for the development process of Morocco that opted for freedom and democracy.

These programs will respect the same orientation that was followed so far but they will provide answers to religious questions of citizens under the form of debates that may deal with sensitive issues.

He announced that starting on Tuesday there will be daily TV programs on the exegesis of the holy Koran and the prophet's hadiths (sayings). Starting next May, Moroccans can ask questions on religion by way of toll-free phone numbers in eight call centers set up in the headquarters of ulemas (religious scholars).

He explained that this new approach, that is in total harmony with Moroccans' sacred values, is meant "to remedy the separation between religion and other issues of life."