Court suspension of two persons for religious belief

The court of "Masr al-Jadidat" in Cairo decided on Tuesday continued suspension of two of the Palestinians of 1948 for 30 years at custody under the charges of belonging to "Scientology," according to a judicial source.

The two persons were arrested by the Egyptian authorities by the beginning of January after the permission of the State's higher security court, according to the source.

The judicial source added that the judge decided to "continue imprisonment of Wafaa Hassan Ahmad ( 26 year old) and her husband of an Israeli nationality Mahmoud Mufeed Masarweh ( 28 year old) for 30 days for investigations "that are made with them at the knowledge of the State's higher security." The two are accused of defaming "divine religions" through the attempt of disseminating a new religion named Scientology.

The source continued that the two accused persons "admitted during the investigations that they were assigned by the headquarters of the Scientology in Tel Aviv and Rome to disseminate this new religion in Egypt as a starting point to disseminate it into the neighboring states."