Man with 27 wives and 145 children says he does not want polygamy legalised

He has enough children to cover more than a third of a year with birthdays, and there’s no doubt that Christmases are pretty expensive.

But Canada’s most prolific polygamist has said he doesn’t want that practice legalised.

Speaking to an audience in Salt Lake City, Winston Blackmore said that he doesn’t want to see the practice made legal because it could lead to the exploitation of women.

Blackmore is having trouble with the law himself.

After seeing polygamy charges dropped in 2007, fresh accusations were brought against him in 2014, and he is still awaiting a trial date.

‘And those suckers are after me day and night,’ he said, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. :

‘I’m going to have to go another round with them.’

The 59-year-old is the former bishop of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Lister.

He left the church in 2002, however he still acts as a bishop to those that follow him.

Blackmore claimed Canada changed the definition of common law marriages in order to prosecute him.

He added that he and his wives are officially ‘friends’ yet the authorities ‘still charge us with polygamy’.