Nobel Winner Desmond Tutu Back In South African Hospital

Retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been admitted to a South African hospital, for the third time in recent months.

Tutu was hospitalized Monday evening, his daughter Mpho Tutu said in a press briefing in Cape Town on Tuesday. He is being treated for "a slight inflammation," she said, adding that it is not the same infection that Tutu had been treated for earlier.

Mpho Tutu added that doctors anticipate that her father will be home from hospital within a few days.

"He is in good spirits. It's the right place for him to be right now," said Mpho Tutu. "As you know, and as my father is finding out, he is 83, not 38, so bouncing back from an illness is not qite as easy as it once was ... this is caution, not crisis ... we are concerned but not panicked."

Tutu, 83, was hospitalized twice in July for a persistent infection.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been treated for prostate cancer for many years which Mpho Tutu said is under control.