Raelians say billboard companies won't post swastika rehabilitation signs

Members of the Raelian community say owners of the largest billboards in Canada refuse to post signage about the religious group's campaign to rehabilitate the swastika.

"How can the world be re-educated about this if no one (like this billboard company) accepts to show people the truth about the swastika?" campaign spokesman Marc Rivard said in a press release.

Raelism is a religious movement founded in 1974. Followers believe an extraterrestrial civilization called Elohim created mankind.

The Raelian symbol is a swastika intertwined with two overlapping triangles that form a six-pointed star — the star of David.

The group says it wants people to think of the swastika as a symbol of peace and harmony, as it once was.

Critics of the group's symbol will look at it "in a very different way" after the meaning behind it is explained, Rivard said.