Muslims attack Coptic Christians, church in Egypt

Muslims in Egypt set fire to a Christian church in Fayoum Province over the weekend, the second such assault against the village’s Coptic Christian population in just more than a month.

Attackers also tore down the church’s cross and threw stones at the Christians, according to a report in Morning Star News.

Four people, including the priest, were injured, the report said.

“It was an ordinary day, starting with the liturgy and Sunday school,” said one 30-year-old Coptic Christian who attends the church, according to the Morning Star News. “As usual, most people leave after services, but a few people stayed at the church. While we were sitting, we saw all these people coming like they do on the television at Tahrir Square — coming to attack the church.”

Between 20 and 30 Muslim villagers attacked the church, according to the report. They started with rocks, and smashed windows and pelted church-goers. But one finally tossed a Molotov cocktail-type bomb into the building. The mob then pushed into the church and destroyed crosses, icons and the building’s support structure, the Morning Star News reported. Ultimately, the dome collapsed.

The attack is the second Muslim-on-Christian incident since Jan. 15.

In mid-January, hundreds of Muslims fueled by calls to defend Islam attacked a community center with ties to Coptic Christianity that was built in Fanous village, Morning Star News said.