Islamic republic's concern about imports of the Bible

Teheran, Iran - It seems that the large volume of the Christian Bibles that enter the country is the greatest concern to the government in Iran.

According to the Iranian Christian News Agency " Mohabat News" Doctor Majid Abhari, advisor to the social issues committee of the parliament in Iran, has announced the seizure of six thousand five hundred copies of the holy bible in the way between the city of Zanjan and abhar in the north-west of Iran.

He also said that "these missionaries with reliance on huge money and propaganda are trying to deviate our youth." In an interview with a government news agency (Mehr) he added: " with regard to the activities of these Christian missionaries to deceive people specially youngsters, they have begun a huge campaign by spending huge sums and false propaganda for deviating the public."

He did not present any more details about the seizure of 6500 gospels and said, "these books were made with the best paper in the world in pocket size. He added, "The important point in this issue that should be considered by intelligence, judicial and religious agencies is that all religions are strengthening their power to confront Islam, otherwise what does this huge number of bibles mean?

Prior to this, in November of 2010, police officers and revolutionary guards seized 300 bibles from a bus after its inspection and in a shameful action burned them all in the village of "darishk".

Insulting the Christian bible is in the continuation of an organized campaign by agencies that view anti-Christian propaganda on the top of their agenda.

There have always been major concerns among Islamic republic officials about conversions to Christianity among people. This is after three decades of expensive Islamic propaganda and a generation that has been grown up in Islamic teaching and is facing this change in thought.

Islamic republic considers itself the responsible guide for people's thoughts. So what is their fear of the importation and distribution of non-Islamic religious books?