Prison Chaplain lives In fear over “fight against Satanism”

Johannesburg, South Africa - Father Jordan Ngondo, the chaplain at Johannesburg’s Leeuwkop prison, claims his fight against Satanism has led to him being sidelined and living in fear.

Ngondo said that there was a cartel of Satanists at the prison trying to prevent his work and alleges that he has been attacked in the prisons chapel during his evening prayers.

He told the Sowetan : “I heard footsteps and then a brick was thrown towards me and missed my forehead. The person who did that ran away. The situation has become volatile. I am receiving counselling and have to always check my back”.

Ngondo said he had complained to his superiors and the department itself to no avail.

Correctional Services spokesperson Simphiwe Kondleka said the department had advised Ngondo to follow the regular procedures for laying complaints.