Man who killed 6-year-old boy sent to Lunatic Criminal Asylum

Mankayane, South Africa - HIGH Court judge Bheki Maphalala has sent a suspected mentally-retarded man (24), who killed a six-year-old boy, to the Lunatic Criminal Asylum.

Sifiso Mavuso ,of Mankayane, will remain in prison until such he received a parole from His Majesty King Mswati III.

Mavuso brutally killed Zigizendoda Mavuso by hacking him with a bush knife on the 16th June 2005.

A medical report prepared by the Psychiatric Centre reflects that Mavuso had a mental disorder at the time he killed the young boy and that he did not appreciate what he was doing.

During the trial, Mavuso alleged that when he killed the boy he was in deep prayer and demon possessed.

Mavuso said could not recall exactly what transpired during the course of his prayer.

Mavuso, who is a member of the Red Gown Sect, told the judge that he was often visited by the evil spirits, which subsequently instructed him to do many things.

“My Lord, I was surprised when police arrested me and informed me that I had committed a murder crime,” he said.

The medical report also states that the Mavuso has a history of abusing dagga (cannabis), which had aggravated his chronic mental disorder.

It says Mavuso was a patient at the Psychiatric centre in Manzini since 2002 and that medical records showed that he suffered from constant memory relapses.

The medical doctors, who examined Mavuso, confirm in the report that he claimed to be visited by strange spirits and that after consuming dagga he would hallucinate and see abnormal things.

A nine-year-old young girl, who was being called as a witness, said she had been playing in a bush with the deceased and other friends when the Mavuso killed him. She said Mavuso was also present in the bush, where there is also a waterfall.

Appearing for the Crown was Tolly Vilakati whilst Leo Gama represented Mavuso