Satanic symbols spray-painted on headstones in Penticton cemetery

Penticton, Canada - Thirty headstones and markers at a cemetery in Penticton, B.C., were spray-painted with satanic symbols, racial slurs and obscene slogans over the weekend.

"It's certainly sad and disturbing that someone would vandalize a place like a cemetery in this way, especially when the community is focused on helping one another during the festive season," said RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Rick Dellebuur.

Vandals also spray-painted several buildings across a large area of the city's downtown core over the weekend. Police are investigating to see if the two incidents are linked, Dellebuur said.

Barb Haynes, the executive director of the Downtown Penticton Association, said the graffiti was upsetting.

"It's just offensive. It's in your face. It's large and it's messy. The sooner we can clean it up the better," said Haynes.

RCMP arrested two teenagers last week in connection with graffiti spraying. Police are also looking into whether there is a connection between the teens and the recent incidents.