Moroccan ban for French magazine

Rabat, Morocco - An edition of French magazine L'Express International has been banned in Morocco for allegedly insulting Islam.

The Moroccan information minister said the issue breached the country's press code, but did not specify the precise content regarded as offensive.

The "Jesus-Muhammad Shock" issue discusses the relationship between Christianity and Islam, an editor said.

L'Express said it tried to be sensitive to Muslim opinions, and did not understand the reasons for the ban.

As an example it said it had altered the front cover image for the Moroccan market - showing Muhammad with his face covered, rather than exposed as on the French edition.

Information Minister Khalid Naciri said the edition breached article 29 of the kingdom's press code.


This allows the government to shut down or ban any publication deemed to offend Islam or the king.

L'Express said on its website that the article was published ahead of a meeting this week in Rome between Christian and Muslim scholars to "help the dialogue between Islam and Christianity".

One of its editors, Christian Makarian, said L'Express was the only French magazine to publish a monthly supplement about Morocco.

"We were banned despite this particular attention that shows our respect for the Moroccan public and the Muslim faith," he said.

"I don't understand."