A blood-pumping Satanist woman caught in Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine - A woman has been detained in Odessa, who conducting rituals over minors pumping out their blood.

The vampire woman was detained on Saturday, chief of the Kievsky district police department in Odessa, Victor Balan, told Interfax.

Earlier this woman was detained for similar actions. She was incriminated under Ukrainian Criminal Code Article 322 in the illegal organization or running of a place for the use of psycho-active drugs and under Article 324 in the enticement of minors into the use of psycho-active drugs. She had been sentenced to two-year imprisonment conditionally and released from custody in the court hall.

A month later she was detained again during a seance of black magic over minors.

She conducted these rites at least three times a week. To this end, she invited homeless children to her place, gave them vodka to drink and then pumped out their blood she used in her rituals.

Under the name of Mr. Krait, she placed advertisements in newspapers announcing seances of black magic for 600 dollars each.

As it turned out during the investigation, there is an organization in Odessa called ‘Red Dragon’. Its members performed black magic rituals using human blood. The leader of this Satanic group has been identified. He collected all the money rank-and-file Satanists made out of black magic.

The police has reported that the children the vampire women used to pump out their blood are alive.