Founder of His People Church admits adultery

The His People's Church in Goodwood has been shaken by scandal after its South African founder admitted to inappropriate behaviour with two female members.

Paul Daniel, who was the senior pastor of the church's congregation, had not been employed full-time since last November when he moved to the United States.

During a family counselling session there, he revealed that he had committed adultery and said he had consciously covered up his misdemeanours with misleading statements.

He had his relationships with the two women during his last 13 months as pastor at the church.

Daniel first spoke of his affairs while he was in the US. He was invited there after his health had apparently deteriorated, but blood and other tests did not show serious illness.

The information was revealed to the Goodwood members last Saturday after he sent them a video, containing his confession. In the video, he apologised for his behaviour and asked for the members' forgiveness.

At the end of last year, Daniel and his family were moved to US through the Apostolic Board of the Morningstar International after he said he "needed rest".

Morningstar is the international body to which His People is affiliated.

The church's present senior pastor, Gareth Stead, confirmed that Daniel would not be returning to His People. He said, however, that the church was providing spiritual counselling to the families concerned.

"While it is deeply distressing that Mr Daniel chose to behave in this unbiblical manner, the church leadership encourages the congregation to forgive him and those involved and to pray for their spiritual rehabilitation," said Stead.