Law to Regulate Church Organisations Proposed

The government plans to enact a law to regulate the registration of religious organisations.

Attorney-General Amos Wako said yesterday that the law would curb the proliferation of religious groups in the country.

"Some people are abusing the current freedom of worship allowed by the Constitution," he said.

Mr Wako was speaking to reporters at Nangoma village in Busia after the burial of his aunt, Mrs Namirembe Wafula.

The AG added that the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission was seeking the views of religious organisations on the contents of the proposed law.

Mr Wako said the government was concerned about the practices of some religious organisations whose teachings contradicted conventional beliefs.

He cited the example of a group which had been deregisterd by the government because it was deemed to have deviated from accepted religious practice.

Mr Wako said the new law would also target internal church wrangles which he complained had led to violence and the creation of splinter groups