Horse-drawn wagon denied entry on ferry

Krishna pilgrims traveling from Pennsylvania to Argentina by horse-drawn wagon have hit a snag in Texas.

The three Hare Krishna pilgrims were denied entry to the Port Bolivar ferry this week after traveling more than 2,000 miles from Pennsylvania. Texas Department of Transportation employees who manage the ferries told the travelers they would not be able to travel on the ferry to Galveston because it was illegal to bring unconfined animals or animal-powered vehicles aboard.

"This is a very rare situation, and I can't recall any other instance like this in 17 years," ferry operations manager William Mallini told The Galveston County Daily News in Friday's editions.

"Our journey is a sacrifice we do to glorify God," said Avadhuta Siromani, who is making the journey with his wife and another companion.

He asked said that the pilgrims had asked TxDOT employees at the ferry landing Wednesday night if it would be possible for special arrangements to be made.

The pilgrims decided to wait for help Thursday. The Galveston County Sheriff's Office arrived later with a borrowed livestock trailer to take the horses and their companions across the bay to the Oleander City.