Narconon Offers Healthy Choices

Re "Schools bar Anti-Drug Program" June 24: For the past four years, my seventh grade health classes have been incredible fortunate to have Narconon presentations as part of their drug prevention education. I am selective with my guest presentations, and I was shocked to read that Narconon presenters may use these prevention programs as a forum to spread the teachings of Scientology.

All of the information presented by Narconon in my classroom has been accurate, fact-based dreug education . There has never been any mention of Scientology in the 48 presentations I've overseen. Proselytizing does not belong in public education, and I certainly would not allow it in my classroom.

The reality is that the presentations are excellent and engaging for the students. I am especially pleased each time by the positive feedback my students give. I know that Narconon's presentations help my students make healthier choices related to drug use. I hope the L.A. Unified School District will not dismiss the value of Narconon's anti-drug programs because of inaccurate misinformation.