UFO Cult Names Eminem 'Honorary Priest'

Eminem's politically charged video for "Mosh" has earned him recognition as "honorary priest" of the anti-violence UFO cult, The Raelian Movement.

Besides taking the top chart position this week for his album, Encore, Eminem is getting another top position as an "honorary priest" of the Raelian Movement. The group's founder, Rael, formerly known as Claude Vorilhon, has bestowed the title upon Eminem for his anti-war video, "Mosh," which calls upon American youth to stand up against the Bush administration's war on Iraq.

"This is wonderful," says Rael, who started the controversial Raelian Movement in 1973 after he claimed to encounter a UFO. "It will help reach millions of young people, who are otherwise uninterested by politics because they see the lies and hypocrisy coming from Washington, remember the truth about violence."

The core idea of the movement stemmed from the belief by Rael and his followers that the ancient Hebrew concept "Elohim" should have been translated as "those who came from the sky" rather than "God." The Elohim - a group of aliens from another planet - are believed by Raelians to be responsible for the creation of life on earth.

"This title only given to public figures not afraid of jeopardizing their careers for their standing up for peace," says Rael. "Rappers are never afraid of controversy and this is a great example of freedom of speech, which, if the Bush administration has its way with the Patriot acts, will be taken away from US citizens."

Eminem's camp has not issued a response to his receipt of the "honorary" title.