Sister says nephew was starved after 'vision from God'

Testimony resumes today in the murder trial of a mother accused of starving her baby to to death.

Karen Robidoux was a member of a tiny, Attleboro-based religious sect known as "The Body."

Her sister, Rene Horton, told the jury yesterday that Karen and Jacques Robidoux withdrew solid food from their son, Samuel, after another member of the cult had what was called a vision from God.

Horton said she watched as her nephew went from a "chubby, active baby," to a virtual skeleton before dying three days before his first birthday.

When Horton said she questioned the decision to stop feeding the baby, Jacques Robidoux warned that Horton's own children would be cursed if the "prophecy" wasn't carried out.

Horton said she never contacted police or social workers about the situation. She was granted immunity from prosecution after she and her husband left the sect.