Signs show cult member gave birth

Authorities last Thursday saw an infant's swing in a Rehoboth home, which they say is a sign that a cult member recently gave birth to a child whose custody has been awarded to the state.

An official involved in the investigation of the cult, whose leader faces a murder charge in connection with the starving death of his 10-month-old son, said the sighting of the swing is part of a body of evidence that Rebecca Corneau has recently given birth.

Police searching for signs of a baby saw the swing from outside the Rehoboth home of John Hunter, an acquaintance of the Corneaus.

Authorities returned the next day, but the swing was gone, the official said.

Custody of the baby Corneau is suspected of having recently was awarded to the Department of Social Services last week based on the fact that she appeared pregnant in the fall. She apparently had given birth prior to recent court appearances.

Four of Corneau's children have been placed in foster care.