A Religious Conflict in the City of Ulyanovsk

The Church of Evangelical Christians “The Light of the Gospel” decided to enlighten the citizens of Ulyanovsk from religious point of view. With that purpose a festival, officially devoted to the 2000th anniversary of Christmas, was organized in the city. The sect applied to the city administration, asking for permission to set up a tent in the city. In summer it must be situated in the northern part of Ulyanovsk, and in autumn in a district over the Volga-river. City authorities gave this permission, because the sect was not forbidden officially.

Though this decision arouse an irate reaction of the Orthodox Church. Archbishop of Ulyanovsk Prokl called representatives of “The Light of the Gospel” “usual sectarians and Baptists-dissenters”.

Almost every summer representatives of different Christian churches visit Ulyanovsk and set up their tents. Usually preachers are treated tolerantly.