Devil Worship a Reality

Counselors agree devil worshipping exists. Roger Mugisha says God appeared to him.

But the deep-voiced radioman previously known as 'The Shadow' claims he used to worship the devil. Does he have a case? Does it really exist or did mugisha merely want to justify his cause?

Well, professional counselors and Christians agree that devil worshipping exists not only in Uganda but also in almost every corner of the world.

Dennis Odoi, a counsellor and the Church Relations Coordinator at World Vision Uganda, says it is true it exists and will indeed climax with liberalisation of the economy.

"Because of this, we now have cults," he says.

He further warns that the agents of the devil are everywhere even in Churches.

"They exist in schools and they could even be teachers. In hospitals, they could be doctors. Our people must be warned," he says.

Odoi says that there is occult as well with a lot of power to manipulate and control. He contends that witchcraft exists and there are so many Ugandans who go to shrines.

Odoi agrees that God visits people and Mugisha is not the first. "Personally, I never planned to get saved. God just appeared to me in almost the same way he appeared to St. Paul of Damascus," he explains.

Dr. Vicki Owens of the Institute of Psychology at Makerere University entirely agrees with Odoi. "I think the devil has the powers but they are limited and cannot be compared to those of God."

Dr Owens says the devil does not give power for free. "You have to give them something in return."

She says devil worshipping is everywhere in all cultures. "It may appear in different forums but yes it is in every culture," she explains.