Police deny arresting suspect carrying woman breasts

Angry residents of Mbeya town invaded Ilomba Police Post here on Sunday following reports of an arrest of a suspect who was allegedly caught with parts of a human being in a plastic bag.

The residents invaded the police post at Ilomba Ward at around twelve o’clock, demanding the police on duty to hand over the suspect to them.

This unique incident started in the morning following rumours that the police had arrested a suspect with woman breasts in a plastic bag.

However, the police denied to have arrested such a suspect but this was after the mob went inside to satisfy their curiosity.

The Acting Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police Acleo Kalunga said the reports were just rumours following a wave of killings of women whose body parts were removed.

The residents still believe the police are hiding information in an effort to allay fears following a series of killings of women in the municipality.

Some body parts are reportedly needed for planting special protective charms in business.

The killings of women have been linked to witchcraft beliefs. People believe people who have consulted witch doctors do the killings.

Recently, two suspected witch doctors were arrested by police for questioning after the latter were tipped that the suspect were behind the killings of women.

The police have revealed no other information regarding the arrest and questioning of the suspect witchdoctors but confirmed that they are still holding them in connection with the killings.

Two weeks ago, police arrested a witchdoctor and his assistant from Rukwa Region at a house they rented. They found them with a body part that had been dried up.

The suspect witchdoctor and his apprentice denied to possess the part, but were brought to court where their case is still being heard.

Incidents of killings of women are increasing in Mbeya Region, whereby four women have been killed and their bodies found with breasts, hearts and private parts missing. The women were killed after they were raped.

Further reports have it that the number does not represent the reality as many more have been killed in rural areas and buried without the knowledge of the police.

People in the region are living in fear and they have barred women from walking alone, a situation that has stalled development activities.

Police in the region have been asking the residents to volunteer information that might lead to the arrest of suspects or witch doctors who order the killings.