Woman Held Over Child Ritual Sacrifice

A woman who wanted to win back her husband landed in trouble on Tuesday when she kidnapped a co-wife's baby boy for ritual sacrifice.

Joan Atuhaire Tumwebaze, on the advice of a witch hired a man to kidnap the two-year-old boy belonging to her co-wife identified only as Nalubega.

The plan was foiled when detectives from Old Kampala police station stormed her residence in Katwe Central zone and arrested her. The baby was found hidden in a box which was filled with clothes.

Tumwebaze, a mother of two girls, separated from her husband Henry Ssesanga, a trader and a resident of Kawuku on Entebbe road, a few years ago, following a failed marriage

The O/C CID Old Kampala Police Station, Ms Florence Okot said Tumwebaze had hired a man for 200,000 to kidnap the boy but he instead alerted Police who laid a trap and arrested Atuhaire.