UI in Disarray, As Rival Cult Groups Clash

University of Ibadan, UI was last night thrown into pandemonium as rival cult groups turned the campus into battle field.

At the end of the brawl, a leader of one of the cult groups lay dead. The Fracas also extended to Mokola area of the ancient city where one house was razed to the ground.

Trouble allegedly started around 8pm when one of the cult groups stormed the university campus killing a leader of a rival group. But in its revenge mission, the attacked group got wind of the fact that one of the members of those who struck them lived in Mokola area of the city and thus stormed the area.

On getting to the area, the cult group could not find anyone who looked like a member of the group that attacked them but descended on the building where the guy allegedly lived and burnt it to ashes. The house, THISDAY source said is situated at the popular Mokola market.

However, in the event that the group could not fish out any of the members of the group that attacked them, they began shooting into the air, thus disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood. It was gathered that this shocked residents of Mokola who immediately alerted the police in the area.

Though, the cult group had stormed the area, thus disturbing the peace of the serene of the area. The Police however restored the peace after the guys had left. Official reports were yet to be retrieved from the Police which is still investigating the issue.