Cultism, CVS And Our Elite

Of recent, so many reasons have given as to why secret cults exist our various campuses. Trust our elites, and Vice Chancellors. At every fora, they won't stop adducing the menace to reasons that usually bother on the mundane.

Meanwhile, we that went through the system, and know quite well that secret cults exist on campuses because of the efficiency and ineffectiveness of our various Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Provosts to tackle the menace headlong.

On various campuses, cult members are known and revered by all and sundry. Yet instead of these heads of institutions to expel them and even publish their names in the newspapers, they choose to pamper them thereby giving them the opportunity to releash terror on their fellow students.

When President Olusegun Obasanjo, on assumption of office, read the riot act to VCs, did cult nefarious activities not reduce considerably? Did our campuses not know peace? But no sooner did our government go to sleep than VCs following suit.

Let our VCs, Rectors and Provosts show commitment in the fight against secret cults and see if it will not work. Cult members should not be pampered. They should be expel and their names and photographs in the newspaper. This is the only way to stamp out cultism and put an end to cases of killings on our campuses.