Catholics, Anglicans United Against Hong Kong Bill

Catholics and Anglicans have joined forces to oppose Education Bill 2002, a proposal in the Hong Kong Parliament that they say would compromise the system of free and multicultural education.

Catholic Bishop Joseph Zen Ze-kiun of Hong Kong opposes the legislation which, invoking the principle of the "democratization," deprives those in charge of schools of the right to decide on what is taught, AsiaNews reported.

Together with the Anglicans, Bishop Zen launched a campaign in some Hong Kong newspapers to oppose the bill.

Bishop Zen contended that the legislation violates the Basic Law, a sort of Constitution of Hong Kong, ratified by Beijing, in force since the end of British rule. The Basic Law states that the social structures of the territory cannot be modified for 50 years.

The Hong Kong Diocese's 300 schools, institutes and colleges are known for their high quality.