Charismatic pastor freed but case continues

Keston Institute (14.11.2001)/ HRWF International Secretariat (16.11.2001) - Website: Email: - The pastor of Yerevan's Warriors of Christ charismatic church, Shogher Khachatryan, was freed on 15 October after three months in a basement investigation cell of the National Security Ministry in Yerevan, she told Keston News Service from the Armenian capital on 9 November.

Although she said she had been cut off from all access to her family or her church during her imprisonment, she said she had not been beaten or mistreated. However, the case against her on charges of swindling continues, although she believes it will soon be closed. "I'm not guilty of these charges," she insisted to Keston. "I don't know why the case was initiated against me. Maybe it was because of the celebrations of 1,700 years since Christianity became Armenia's state religion or maybe it is because I'm an active Christian."

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