New racist graffiti in Vojvodina

Serbia - Religious buildings, homes and cars belonging to ethnic minorities in the Vojvodina town of Stara Pazova have been daubed with insulting and threatening graffiti over the weekend, according to eye witnesses.

A Jehovah’s Witnesses building was sprayed with the words “sect” and “go to Bush”, together with a swastika and a pentagram.

On the building of the Christian Nazareth Community, the word “sect” also appeared, along with the slogans “Go to Germany, Ustasha” and “We won’t give to gypsies”.

The letter “U”, for “Ustasha”, together with swastikas, were also sprayed on the property of Slovaks and Croats living in the town. Near one Slovak-owned company the B92 logo appeared, accompanied by the letter “U” and a swastika.

B92 has received threats for reporting the graffiti, following its public campaigns for ethnic and religious tolerance.

Anti-minority behaviour in Serbia’s northern province of Vojvodina has escalated since last December’s general elections in Serbia.