Religion Ministry condemns the burning of mosques in Belgrade, Nis

Serbian Minister of Religion Milan Radulovic, Belgrade mufti Hamdija Jusufspahic and Moslem religious secondary school Director Muhamed Jusufspahic said that that Serbian Orthodox churches in Kosovo-Metohija were the target of terrorist attacks which hooligans in Nis and Belgrade used as an excuse for brutal attacks on Muslim religious buildings.

The Ministry of Religion described the burning of mosques as an insane and brutal act of retaliation which has done grave injustice to the Islamic community in Serbia, weakened the political power of the state and made the position of the Kosovo Serb community even more difficult.

Mufti Jusufspahic and Minister Radulovic said that instigators and perpetrators of yesterday's irrational and shameful attacks must be brought to justice, adding that the Ministry and the Islamic community will respond by persistently and patiently cherishing religious culture and tolerance, strengthening civic solidarity and treasuring mutual respect and understanding.