Man Faces Polygamy Trial After 15 Brides

A Nicaraguan man caught trying to sign up for what authorities say was his 15th bride in the Managua municipal registry is facing trial for polygamy, officials say.

Registry records show Miguel Gutierrez, 38, married 14 times between 1998 and 2000, registrar Ernesto Castillo said Wednesday.

Gutierrez, a former civil servant who now works as a trucker, is under house arrest facing trial in a week's time on charges of "illegally contracting marriage."

He told local newspapers "It's normal to be a womanizer" but said he only married once after divorcing his first wife.

Authorities discovered the alleged multiple marriages in March when Gutierrez supposedly tried to register his latest bride. Castillo said the previous marriages had gone unnoticed at first because the registry was only computerized in 2001.

Gutierrez's lawyer Genaro Torres blamed errors in the registry for the allegations against his client.

In Nicaragua, polygamy is punishable with up to five years in jail, according to legal officials.