Malachi York Supporters Resign from City Jobs

Seven Macon police officers, who call themselves supporters of the leader of a quasi-religious sect, have resigned from their jobs, saying Macon Mayor Jack Ellis refused to help them combat a conspiracy against the leader.

Malachi York, the 58-year-old "Master Teacher" of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, was sentenced last week to 135 years in federal prison after being convicted in January on multiple counts of child molestation and racketeering.

Macon Police Chief Rodney Monroe said seven of his officers resigned Monday, along with an officer in training and a firefighter.

"I've accepted their resignations, although I would not like to see them go," Monroe said. "Each one of those officers have served the department and the city well."

Former officer Joseph Hibner said they have new information that proves York's innocence, but city officials and the news media have refused to listen.

"We've been trying to tell the city of Macon and the world at large about this new evidence," Hibner said. "We know for a fact that it was a conspiracy against Malachi York."

At issue is a video tape that shows a woman who originally testified that she was molested by York. On the tape, she says she was coerced into giving that testimony by one of York's sons.

"The reason for resignation is that we will not continue to risk our lives in support of a city and mayor that turns their back to obvious injustices," Hibner said. "A taped confession came into our possession, and we tried to bring this evidence of criminal activity to their attention ... The city of Macon and their biased media affiliates are aiding the prosecution in hiding the truth from the public."

But City Council President Anita Ponder said there is nothing the city can do to help the officers exonerate York.

"The York situation is a federal case," and must be appealed through the federal courts, Ponder said. "As a city, I don't think there is anything we can do to help them."