York claims trial was not fair

Convicted child molester and cult leader Malachi York said Monday he didn't receive a fair trial and blamed a federal judge and prosecutors.

The statement was made in a hearing to decide whether York's main attorney, Adrian Patrick, could withdraw from the case. Judge Ashley Royal said he would rule on the motion during York's sentencing on Thursday.

York told Royal that Patrick did not adequately represent him during his federal trial in January because he couldn't introduce evidence or witnesses that would have helped in York's defense.

"He was prevented by yourself and federal prosecutors from doing his job," York said in U.S. District Court in Macon. "It doesn't reflect on the young attorney's abilities."

Patrick filed a motion in March to be allowed to withdraw as York's main attorney.

Monday's hearing was delayed for about 45 minutes Monday while the court waited on York's new attorney, Henry Charles, to arrive. During the break, supporters blew kisses and smiled at York as he was led out of the courtroom.