Russian Church severs contacts with US Episcopalians

Russian Orthodox Church has severed contacts with the US Episcopal Church in the wake of a recent imposition of a gay priest to the post of bishop, the communications service of Moscow Patriarchate said Monday.

A statement it issued in connection with this describes the fact of imposition of Jim Robinson, a person who openly confesses his homosexual relationship, as blasphemous and anti-Christian.

"The act makes impossible whatever communications with the person himself and with the church officials who placed him to the post, either in the field of theology or in humanitarian or in social affairs," the statement says.

It recalls that the Christian scriptures have always treated homosexuality as a grave sin.

"The Christian Church does not reject aid to the miserable ones who are tormented by this evil, but it cannot approve of those who pervert the nature of human self, created by Our Lord," the statement says.

It warns that a liberal approach towards homosexuality among the clerics is tantamount to undermining the very foundations of the Church.