Muslims, Jews, Christians meet in Israel

Religious leaders and scholars gather in Jerusalem to consider Rev. Moon's vision for Mideast peace, looking beyond the bounds of religious doctrines. Nearly 140 delegates from 36 countries, including two former heads of state are attending the symposium entitled "Considering the Root Causes of Conflict and Forging a Path to Lasting Peace," December 17-23. Participants are Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders as well as people from academia, public policy and media. Moon, founder of News World Communications, which owns United Press International, says peace in the Mideast requires people to think beyond the capacity of their own religions if they hope to see an end to the bloodshed, and that while the political process is necessary, it alone doesn't adequately address the deeply rooted dimensions of the problem. The participants will conclude Sunday with a show of support for interfaith harmony in Independence Park in Jerusalem. Organizers expect to be joined by religious leaders and citizens of all faiths from throughout Israel and the West Bank.