Two Raelians imprisoned because of their religion in Lebanon

George Abou Fayçal, Guide Priest, Raelian in charge for Lebanon, and his assistant, Marwan Hindawi, were arrested and imprisoned under the pretext of having had a contact with an Israeli soldier during a meeting between Raelians in Jordan, last month.

These charges of "meeting with the enemy" are completely fanciful and unfounded.

Three Raelians of Israeli origin were present at the time of this meeting and one had been a member of the Israeli army several years earlier.

It is important to understand that all Israelis are required to complete three years of compulsory military service, thus making all Israeli citizens a "soldier" at some point in their lives. However, this Israeli soldier, more than 60 years of age, is an electronics engineer and does not have any link with the army of his country at this time.

Until his arrest the Raelian Priest, George Abou Fayçal, was a very active volunteer within the Lebanese Red Cross. Further, he took part in a televised rescue operation for this association that was broadcast throughout all of the Middle East Countries. George and Marwan, could get a sentence from three to seven years in prison for having so-called "flirted with the enemy"; These rumors are based on lie. How can one accuse these two innocent people of having maintained relations with enemies, knowing that Raelians Israelis support the right of the people to self-determination and the right of the Palestinians to have a country.

The information which we could gather on the fate reserved to our fellow Raelians tell us that they were beaten and tortured during the interrogations carried out by the Lebanese military police force. We find this situation unacceptable in a country such as Lebanon which claims modern principles and values.