Schoolboy gunman studied Satanic Bible: classmate

A 16-year-old schoolboy, who wounded a teacher before killing himself last week, was laid to rest at the weekend amid reports that he had kept a Satanic Bible in his room at home.

Grave site rites at a cemetery in Coburg on Saturday were attended by only close relatives and friends amid a police news blackout into investigations into the shooting at a Coburg school on Wednesday.

A local newspaper report, meanwhile, quoted a schoolgirl as saying the youth was proud of his Satanic Bible, which he hid in his room and from which he read "scriptures" to friends.

The report came after friends said the youth's behaviour had changed dramatically over the past year and he had taken to wearing only black clothing.

The incident recalled the school massacre at the eastern city of Erfurt in April last year when a 19-year-old pupil killed 16 people, including teachers and pupils, before turning his gun on himself.

Unlike that incident, where the pupil, Robert Steinhaeuser, had been expelled from high school, police said there appeared to be no obvious motive for Wednesday's shootings.

Prior to the news ban, police said they were examining a possible violation of firearms laws after it emerged the boy had taken two handguns from home.

The guns had belonged to the boy's father, a member of a gun club in the northern Bavarian town.

In the Erfurt massacre, Steinhaeuser was a member of a local gun club and legally possessed two firearms and ammunition.

The Coburg pupil, named in news reports only as Florian K, managed to gain possession of a key leading to his father's locked gun safe. The boy's grandfather was also firearms specialists for the town's gun club and shooting range facilities.