Berlin woman detained after vampire assaults

BERLIN, Germany - German police have detained a Berlin woman who screamed she was a vampire and thirsty as she attempted to bite people.

"She tried to bite the necks of three people within a few minutes," police spokesman Hansjoerg Draeger said on Thursday. "She screamed out that she was a vampire and was thirsty."

The 21-year-old woman, identified only as Laura E., was put under psychiatric observation after she also tried to bite her fingers off, police said.

She first tried to bite the neck of a 20-year-old woman at a doctor's surgery, however the victim managed to escape.

She then went into a fast-food restaurant and bit the neck of a 40-year-old waiter.

Police said she then ran out onto the street where she first cut the neck of an 88-year-old pensioner with a piece of broken glass and then bit the elderly woman's ear.

Two police officers called to the scene managed to detain her, but she repeatedly bit their hands and arms.

07:44 03-22-01

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