Spiritual Factor Bar Lord's Resistance Army End

World Vision, an international Christian relief and development organisation, has said the spiritual dimension has contributed to the 18-year-old Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebel conflict in northern Uganda.

A preliminary report prepared by the NGO, said there was need to address the spiritual dimension as part of an effective response.

"Children who are abducted go through spiritual rituals, usually within one to three days and this is repeated over time. The ritual involves smearing shear butter and sprinkling of water," read part of the report.

"These types of rituals make many of them believe in Kony's power, including his ability to find them if they attempt to escape. The rituals create an atmosphere of fear and servitude. Fear of spiritual powers also affects the response of the general population. Some members of the military and others do not get involved because of fear," the report read.

It said religious leaders could play a role in breaking the spiritual hold that Kony has on those directly under his control and on the wider population.