New Cult Emerges in Wakiso

A new cult has emerged in Wattuba sub-county on Bombo road, in Wakiso district.

The 300-member cult is under the leadership of a 42-year-old self-styled prophet, Basajjakambwe Busajjabukirana.

They believe in cultural norms, though they also claim to deal directly with God and not through intercessors like Jesus Christ.

Basajjakambwe also preaches against the white man's influence and discourages converts from carrying out any practice linked with the whites, stressing the notion, "Africa for Africans".

Speaking to the New Vision on Monday, Basajjakambwe said he received a vision from God which instructed him to carry on his work.

"Recently as I crouched on my bed in the dead of the night, something strange happened. I heard a voice, which communicated to the effect that it had been sent to tell me to preach to people about God, not his creation or his intercessors," he said.

"We have a direct link with God. Those who reach God through intercessors are false believers. We do not believe in Lubaale (spirits) or Jesus Christ. Those are creations," he said.

He said they used a book called Enkuluze (authoritative compilation) which was written by Professor J.C Ssekamwa, a former dean of the School of Education Makerere University, which expertly disseminates information on Baganda cultures, norms and totems.