Religious Group Being Probed

Police in Mombasa are investigating the activities of a religious sect that forbids its members the right to seek medical treatment.

On Saturday, police stormed a house in King'orani village where a sect member has denied a sick daughter medical attention.

"We are treating the matter seriously because we have been told that on November 29 the same family lost a 16-year-old daughter after they refused to take her to hospital," a police source said.

The source, who declined to be named, said the girl's mother had explained that they did not believe in treatment but the "miracle" of God who has the power to heal the sick.

"We have sought the intervention of medical officials from the Coast Provincial General Hospital to assess the girl's condition before we take any further action on the matter," the source said.

He said during interrogation the mother and her daughter declined to talk about the religious cult they belonged to.