Beware of Commercial Religious Groups, Warns Kibaki

(Nairobi) Religion in Kenya has been turned into a commercial enterprise.

Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) chairman, Mr Mwai Kibaki, said yesterday that this amounts to abuse of the country's freedom of worship.

He cautioned Christians to beware of such religions and individuals who have misused their faith to cheat them that they have healing powers in order to make money.

Kibaki also took issue with religious leaders from abroad who have taken advantage of the freedom to come and collect colossal amounts of money from unsuspecting Kenyan Christians.

The Leader of the Official Opposition made the observations in Othaya constituency when he presided over a harambee in aid of the new Othaya Parish development fund.

He gave an example of one university graduate from abroad who recently managed to collect a total of Sh150 million after staying in the country for only four days. Kibaki said such examples abound.

He also took issue with the Government for not delivering services to the public despite the continued heavy taxation.

That taxation, said the DP boss, fetches the exchequer some Sh210 billion annually.

He said despite the heavy taxes, hospitals were still without drugs, students were being sent away from school for lack of fees while roads were in pathetic conditions.

The legislator said the amount collected was enough to facilitate the required development and deliver services to the public without going to look for other sources outside the country.

He called on the Government to empower farmers by releasing the Stabex money directly to their societies especially at this time of economic crisis.