I'm Not God, Maharajji Refutes Claim

Speculations making the rounds about the claim of the leader of the One Love Family, Satguru Maha-rajji, to being God may not be exactly so after all.

The man of average height, who spots bushy bears and goes in all red dresses, head tie to match and a bunch of flowers hung over his neck, said those who attribute such claim to him were being unfair.

" I am not God and I cannot be God. Rather, I am the Godman, the Holy Spirit incarnate sent by God to find devine solution to all human problems in the universe. I am the spiritual king of the world. I can be described as the spiritual head of the universe. With this privileged position bestowed on me by God, any mishap in the country or else where in the world can be controlled by me.

"The black race is the first ever human race to inhabit the planet earth today with Nigeria as the focal point as one hosting the Godman, the living perfect master, Satguru Maharajji. I am here as the Lord of the universe of our time in a black skin and in a Nigerian body, to re-unite first, Nigerians, Africans, the black race and the human race in general, in the bid to bring the world and the entire creation back to what it was in the beginning, One Love Family", he explained.

The man, who is completely devoid of flamboyance, drives himself around in an ash colour Volvo 240 GL car.

Asked if he truly claimed to be God, he adjusted himself, looked straight into the reporter's eyes, as if wondering about the source of his confidence, and replied in a calculated voice : " I am not God".

On how the talks of his claim to be God gained ground, he opened up, saying that the absence of the correct account of the creation of the universe has caused man's severance of link with God.

He said man has lost his bearing through misinformation, religious concepts, philosophies and false ideology about God and creation.

The world, having been divided, he said, has allowed negative tendencies to creep in, resulting in the artificial partitioning of the world and the human race, which has led to wars, racism, tribalism, nepotism and apartheid, among others.

"The question then is, who is to correct this state of affairs to give us succour? The answer or the solution is not and cannot be rested in prayers or religion. Our people have been praying since the days of our fore-bearers. But our woes and problems have continued to increase daily in leaps and bounds.

"There must be some form of alternatives to ameliorate our dejected conditions because the Almighty Creator is merciful, compassionate and omniscience. The alternative must be assuring, real, potent, benevolent and practical so as to give Nigeria and indeed the world the much craved peace, love , harmony and true basis for unity. This cannot be achieved by political intrigues and manipulation as being experienced in Europe, United States of America (USA) and the Middle-East, where they have lost touch with the source in the name of racism.

"Sovereign national conference, political democracy, federation, confederation, self-determination, constitution and other forms of political arrangement by men are likewise not the answer to the multifarious problems, besi-eging Nigeria and humanity,all having been created by man himself.

"It is only one event which usually happens when things get to this stage of degeneration. That event is what has happened to Nigeria and the world, leading to a final and enduring solution to all nation's and humanity's problems. The event is the appearance or manifestation of "The Godman", who has come as Satguru Maharajji. He is the total solution to Nigeria's problems, that of humanity and the world, only if people will listen to him", Maharajji said.

The leader of the One Love Family said democracy as being practised elsewhere was not favourable to the blackman because he believes in the potency of oracles, deities, gods and the ancestors, who when consulted divinely select leaders.

Such leaders, he said, were capable of good governance because they enjoy the support of the powers of the land and as such the blessing of God.

" Any opposition, using subtle or overt ways in the form of violence or otherwise are checkmated by spiritual forces. The idea of opposition therefore does not arise when one has access to all basic requirements and he is confident of the divine position of the leaders. Africa in the days of old knew no opposition. There was absolute peace in the land because the oracles were in total control as breaks in the vehicle of creation.

"The loss of contact with the creator and the invasion of the whiteman into nucleus Africa have been the beginning of violence, poverty, insincerity, accidents, deaths and lack of peace. The introduction of democracy has resulted in demon-is-crazy. Today, our elders, leaders and stars are dying for no just cause. Love for another has been replaced with religious dogmas, which only believe in the Creator while at the same time had to struggle, kill, maim and defraud one another. This system has got to give way because it is foreign, humanly degrading, at variance with the African nucleus way of life and it is a time bomb" Maharajji argued.

Cautioning Church leaders also about money collections from their followers under the guise of offerings, tithe and thanksgiving that were not being used as instructed in the Bible, Maharajji warned that such misappropriation of religious funds will have serious negative repercussion on them.

He noted that most church leaders collect money from their followers in the guise of tithe, offering and thanks giving but the money collected was not used in the course of God, adding that most of the collections find their way into the private accounts of the leaders.

Such money, he said, should be used to maintain the house of God, give to the needy in orphanage homes and to feed those in need of food, warning that Pastors, who do other wise with such funds will face the wrath of God.

"It is regrettable that these collections are not being utilised as stated in the Bible. Rather, you see pastors driving the best of cars, stay in the best houses and wear the best clothes. Churches have become family businesses, where the man is the Chairman, the wife the Vice Chairman and the children, the directors. After the death of the man, the wife takes over. All they are doing are against the Bible, which they preach and they will surely pay for it", Maharajji said.

The self acclaimed living perfect master stated that he believes in miracles but added quickly that it was not the kind of miracles, being performed on television to attract converts, describing such miracles as magic.